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FmPro Migrator documents and migrates FileMaker Pro database structure and data to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL and FrontBase. This graphical application interactively reads metadata from FileMaker databases, gets Fieldsize info for each field, creates the table in the SQL database and transfers data (including images) between the databases. FmPro Migrator also includes a FileMaker image export feature for an economical single-user license.

FmPro Migrator - Step 1 - Get Info Icon FmPro Migrator - Step 2 - Get FieldSize Icon FmPro Migrator - Step 3 - Create Table Icon FmPro Migrator - Step 4 - Transfer Data Icon
FmPro Migrator 4 Step Migration Process



black bulletFmPro Migrator Developer Edition includes:
1) A Table Consolidation feature which performs the automated copying of Tables/Fields, Table Occurrences, Relationships, ScriptMaker scripts and Layouts between FileMaker 8, 8.5 and 9 database files on MacOS X and Windows.
2) A Layout XML Export Feature, which exports the definition of each FileMaker Layout into an XML file containing all of the Layout object definitions along with embedded layout graphics.

FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition includes all of the features of FmPro Migrator Developer Edition, but also includes license keys for PHP Conversion, Access to FileMaker, FileMaker to Access database conversions, conversion of Access and FileMaker database into full featured, stand-alone, networkable LiveCode application/RevLets, conversion of Visual FoxPro projects into LiveCode stacks, Microsoft Access database files, FileMaker Pro database files, Servoy projects, Visual Studio 2010 .Net 4 projects. Most Visual FoxPro Form objects are supported, relationships are imported, and Visual FoxPro code is converted into commented code in the converted database project. Direct data transfers from .DBF files are supported for Access, DB2, FileMaker Pro, FrontBase, MySQL, OpenBase, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server and SyBase database servers.

black bulletUtilize the New FileMaker Security Model - Consolidating multiple database files into a single FileMaker 7,8,9 database file enables developers to utilize the new FileMaker security model. FileMaker solutions can be developed in less time and with better security by utilizing the new FileMaker security model.

black bulletMigrate SQL Server databases to FileMaker 7, 8, 9 - FmPro Migrator makes a direct ODBC connection to SQL Server databases to automate the mapping of SQL Server columns to FileMaker fields, perform column name to field name conversions and creates the tables in the FileMaker database. When using FileMaker Advanced, FmPro Migrator can put the table definition XML code onto the clipboard for easy pasting directly into FileMaker Advanced. On MacOS X, FmPro Migrator utilizes the Actual ODBC Driver for SQL Server from Actual Technologies to make a direct connection to SQL Server databases (purchased separately). On Windows, FmPro Migrator utilizes the SQL Server ODBC driver supplied by Microsoft in order to make a direct connection to the SQL Server database.

black bulletAutomated Reporting from SQL Server Data - FileMaker 9 enables the creation of economical SQL reporting solutions compared to alternative products, using the new External SQL Sources feature. FileMaker also provides enhanced exporting capabilities including the direct creation of Excel spreadsheets and Adobe PDF files. FileMaker 9 Advanced can be used to create royalty-free FileMaker stand-alone solution packages for distribution to multiple desktops.

black bulletMigrate Access databases to FileMaker 7, 8, 9 - Using FmPro Migrator, Access databases can be migrated to FileMaker 7+ in order to take advantage of FileMaker's legendary ease of use and increased data management capacity. Migrated Access databases can now grow to the maximum 8TB file size offered by FileMaker 7+ and can be run on MacOS X and Windows.

black bulletMigrate FileMaker Repeating Fields - FmPro Migrator migrates data within FileMaker repeating fields as related records within a new table for all databases. This feature converts previously non-relational data into relational database structured format for compatibility with destination database. Previously, this type of work had to be performed via time consuming manual procedures, but this task is now automated by FmPro Migrator. [When migrating FileMaker 7+ databases, FmPro Migrator generates ScriptMaker data transformation scripts, which can be pasted into FileMaker via the clipboard. This feature overcomes the lack of repeating fields support within new versions of the FileMaker ODBC driver. Repeating fields data can now be transferred to SQL databases and used with the new External SQL Sources feature incorporated within FileMaker 9].

black bulletContainer Field Export Feature - The container field export feature supports the 22 container field data types available within FileMaker 7, 8, 9 database files including: EMBO, EMF+, EPS, FILE, FPix, FORK, GIFf, JPEG, JP2, META, METO, moov, PDF, PICT, PNGf, PNTG, qtif.SGI, snd, TIFF, TPIC, XMLO, 8BPS.

black bulletScale Up FileMaker Pro to Enterprise Class Capacity - Running out of performance with your FileMaker solution? FmPro Migrator enables quick and accurate migration of your database structure and data to highly scalable enterprise class servers. SQL databases can also provide enhanced transaction control and recoverability beyond the capabilities of FileMaker Pro. Using the new FileMaker 9 ESS feature, data can be stored within a SQL database but still be used within FileMaker as if the data was stored locally. Thus achieving the reuse of existing FileMaker layouts and business logic.

black bulletPrototype and Test Database Web Implementations - Use FileMaker Pro to prototype and test web-based database solutions prior to implementation on enterprise class databases. FmPro Migrator permits quick prototyping of database applications once the structure has been developed in FileMaker Pro.

black bulletHost FileMaker Pro Data at Virtually Any ISP - The MySQL database is the most popular open-source database available today. Virtually every ISP offers inexpensive MySQL database hosting with their hosting plans. Some ISPs even offer free MySQL database hosting after payment of a minimal setup fee. By migrating data to a MySQL database you have a wider choice of database hosting providers compared to looking for FileMaker Pro hosting providers.

black bulletTransfer Structure and Data - FmPro Migrator directly creates each table in the destination database at the click of a button. Even if you have never previously worked with one of these database servers, you can let FmPro Migrator effortlessly create the basic SQL code required to create the destination database table to hold your data. FmPro Migrator will also automatically attempt to identify and implement a unique primary key for your new database table and will create the appropriate trigger and incrementing sequence too (Oracle databases).

black bulletImprove Accuracy, Avoid Manual Data Entry - Database data is accurately migrated into the exact format required by the destination database. No manual processing or re-keying of data is required! These migration steps are performed interactively by FmPro Migrator within a few seconds at the press of a button, instead of the hours or days of work typically required for a DBA to write, test and debug migration scripts manually.

black bulletNo syntax errors - FmPro Migrator for MacOS X uses Apple Events via AppleScript (on MacOS X), FileMaker table definition XML code from the clipboard, ODBC connections to databases or the direct reading of FileMaker binary files to to query and document the structure of each FileMaker Pro database.

Step 1 - AppleScript Icon Step 1 - Drag and Drop Icon Step 1 - Clipboard XML Icon Step 1 - ODBC Icon
FmPro Migrator MetaData Gathering Icons

black bulletStand-Alone FileMaker Solutions Supported - FmPro Migrator includes the ability to document and generate migration scripts for stand-alone FileMaker Pro solutions. Documenting or migrating a stand-alone solution file could be critical to business continuity needs. You could spend $300 - $500 just for competing documentation tools for FileMaker Pro.

black bulletTransfer Large Text Fields and Images - FmPro Migrator automatically facilitate the migration of large text fields and image data within FileMaker Pro container fields. FileMaker text fields containing more than 255 characters will be migrated to large text type columns in the destination database table. This determination is made automatically and is based upon reading the data gathered during the Step #2 Get Fieldsize step. FileMaker container fields are migrated and transferred into the appropriate BLOB/IMAGE type column in the destination database.

black bulletSupport for a Wide Range of Databases - FmPro Migrator incorporates unmatched versatility compared to other FileMaker migration tools. FmPro Migrator includes support for migrating FileMaker to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL and FrontBase.

black bulletManage Multi-Table Migration Projects - FmPro Migrator automatically saves configuration information into its own MigrationProcess.db3 SQLite file within the output directory. You can re-open and reuse this information at any time in the future to continue or update an existing migration project.

black bulletDBA Can Review/Modify Table Creation SQL Code - FmPro Migrator permits the DBA to review and customize table creation SQL scripts sent to the database server.

black bulletIterative Process - Because FmPro Migrator makes the process so efficient, you can quickly update and re-run a migration process based upon changes made to your FileMaker databases.

black bulletContext Sensitive Help - Clicking a table name in the Migration Process window displays instructions and troubleshooting info specific to the type of migration currently being performed.

black bulletUse FmPro Migrator To Document Existing Databases - FmPro Migrator can be used to produce documentation files for existing FileMaker Pro databases and stand-alone solutions files. This documentation can be used to make up for information which was omitted by the original developer or consultant. This documentation is written in a few seconds for every FileMaker database/table for which information has been gathered. The ability to produce high quality documentation on demand can be vital to passing an IT audit by a potential investor or new business partner.

black bulletFollow Security Best Practices for Perl CGI Programming - The Perl CGI scripts generated by FmPro Migrator are designed to follow industry standard best practices regarding web form processing. Denial of service attacks are prevented by preventing file uploads unless images/BLOB data is being submitted by the form. Critical web form processing parameters are hard-coded within each script instead of being accepted via POST or GET operations - thus preventing web form hijacking. Web attackers cannot view sensitive data by guessing at and passing in their own database column names for processing. The record deletion script carefully checks the referrer of submission requests in order to insure that the request was submitted via a trusted web server URL. Attempts by an attacker to submit to this form from other web servers will fail. Security is further enhanced by insuring that the functionality of record deletion is incorporated within a separate series of scripts which can be omitted from installation on publicly accessible web servers.

black bulletPerl CGI Scripts Follow FileMaker Layout Structure for Improved Security - It is a common FileMaker database development technique to use layouts to limit the information which is accessible by different groups of users. FmPro Migrator generates different sets of Perl CGI scripts for each layout within the FileMaker database in order to enhance the security of migrated web-based applications. Each Perl CGI script generated by FmPro Migrator makes use of hard-coded database column names and input parameters in order to insure that a web attacker cannot compromise security.


black bulletEconomical Single-User Licensing - FmPro Migrator licensing includes use of the application by a single user.

black bulletEasy FmPro Migrator Installation and Licensing - FmPro Migrator is licensed on a per-user basis. Installing FmPro Migrator is as simple as decompressing the downloaded file and moving the FmPro Migrator executable wherever you want to install it.

Feature Comparison Summary
The following tables provide a comparison of the features incorporated in FmPro Migrator Developer Edition and FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition.

FmPro Migrator Features Comparison





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