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FmPro Migration Service - Migrates FileMaker to MySQL, Oracle, Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, FrontBase and Valentina

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FmPro To HTML Migration Service - Header graphic (Click to see converted HTML file.)

Note: This HTML Conversion Feature has been made obsolete by the PHP Conversion Feature. The PHP Conversion Feature builds a functional PHP web application from the original FileMaker Pro database file.

Top 10 Features

black bulletAutomated conversion of FileMaker Pro layouts to HTML files.
black bulletPrecise object positioning duplicates look of original layout.
black bulletCustom Value Lists converted into HTML menus.
black bulletLayout images exported as web-compatible PNG, GIF or JPG image files.
black bulletDe-duping of layout image files reduces web page load times.
black bulletCross-browser and cross-platform compatible HTML files.
black bulletDrop-down Calendar fields converted into JavaScript calendar picker.
black bulletLayout vector graphics objects converted to JavaScript graphics library code.
black bulletPortals converted to ExtJS Data Grid objects.
black bulletLeverages FmPro Migrator Developer Edition features.


The FmPro Migrator Developer Edition layout to HTML conversion feature instantly converts FileMaker Pro layouts into cross platform/cross browser compatible HTML pages. Embedded layout graphic images are converted into web compatible PNG, GIF or JPEG files. Embedded layout vector graphic objects are rendered using the high performance JavaScript VectorGraphics library. The generated HTML files are suitable for use as a starting point for developing a database enabled web solution using graphical development tools such as Embarcadero Delphi® for PHP or Adobe Dreamweaver CS4.

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black bulletAutomated Conversion

Generated HTML & JavaScript Files List

Each FileMaker Pro layout is converted into a separate HTML file, along with JavaScript and embedded image files. FmPro Migrator can typically process each layout within about 100ms, much faster than you could perform the task manually!


black bulletPrecise Object Positioning - FmPro Migrator uses CSS styles to precisely position each HTML object to match its original size and location within the original FileMaker Pro layout. The generated HTML files are smaller in size and and easier to edit either manually or with graphical tools like Dreamweaver. The header graphic at the top of this web page shows a FileMaker Pro layout on the left which has been converted to the equivalent HTML page on the right. Click the image to load the converted HTML file. Try out the FmPro Migrator demo to see how your converted layouts will look.

Selecting HTML object in Dreamweaver


Individual HTML page elements can easily be selected, edited, resized or moved using Dreamweaver. Using CSS styles to set absolute object positioning means that there are no table cell or alignment restrictions for each object.


black bulletCustom Value Lists

Value Lists Converted into HTML Menus


Custom FileMaker Pro Value Lists are converted into HTML menus, for every field where a Drop-down List, Pop-up Menu, Checkbox or Radio Button set has been configured on the original layout.


black bulletEmbedded Image Export - The export of embedded images makes it possible to re-purpose layout images for documentation, marketing or the creation of web prototypes from existing FileMaker Pro solutions. FmPro Migrator performs this image export task much faster than manually extracting each embedded layout image.

Exported image files list

FileMaker Pro stores GIF, PNG and JPEG images in their native formats within the layout. All other image types are also converted and stored in the JPEG file format in order to guarantee compatibility with Instant Web Publishing. Therefore the conversion process follows this same compatibility implementation when extracting GIF, PNG and JPEG images for use on the HTML page.

Only unique copies of images are stored within the /images folder, in order to reduce HTML page loading time space due to duplicate images. This means that if an image such as a company logo is used on 100 different layouts, only one single copy of that graphic will be saved, as all of the other 99 copies are duplicates of the original image. Storing only unique copies of image files also means that only one image file needs to be updated in order to update the company logo on all of the web pages.


black bulletCross Browser/Platform Compatibility - The CSS styles, XHTML tags and JavaScript code libraries used within the generated HTML files are designed and tested with multiple browsers and platforms.

black bulletDrop-down Calendar

Calendar Picker Image


Layout fields configured with a drop-down calendar are converted to use a configurable open source pop-up JavaScript DateTime Picker. The size/color of the DateTime Picker can be changed by editing the calendar.js file which is written to the /app directory by FmPro Migrator. The formatting of the returned data can also be customized within the HTML file on a field by field basis.

black bulletLayout Vector Graphics Objects

Layout Vector Graphics






Embedded vector graphic objects including rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles/ovals and lines are drawn with the high performance Walter Zorn VectorGraphics Library. Fill colors, borders and border colors are extracted from the layout definition XML code and converted into JavaScript code which draws each object.


black bulletPortal Conversion

ExtJS Data Grid




Portal objects are converted into ExtJS Data Grid objects with resizable columns. A JavaScript file is created for every portal on each layout, allowing individual customization for each Data Grid.

Layout Objects Supported

Field with Drop-down Calendar
Field with Value List Menu
Field with Checkbox
Field displayed as Radio Button Set
Button (including non-button objects configured as buttons)
Embedded Layout Image Graphics

Processing Steps & Requirements

FmPro Migrator Developer Edition - FmPro Migrator Developer Edition is used for capturing the structure info from the source FileMaker Pro database file. FmPro Migrator Developer Edition utilizes the DDR XML file generated by FileMaker Pro Advanced, along with AppleScript(Mac OS X) or WinAutomation(Windows) software in order to automate the capturing of Tables/Fields, Layouts, Relationships and Scripts. This process is documented in a PDF file on the support page. Once the info has been captured by FmPro Migrator Developer Edition, press the Convert Layouts to HTML button on the GUI tab of the Migration Process window.
FmPro Migrator Developer Edition is also used to perform the conversion of the FileMaker Pro database tables and data into one of the supported SQL database servers.

FileMaker Pro Developer/Advanced 7+ - FileMaker Pro Advanced is used for creating a DDR XML export file providing the structure of the FileMaker Pro database file. This file is used for importing the relationships and layout display order info associated with the layouts.

AppleScript(MacOSX)/WinAutomation(Windows) Software - FmPro Migrator Developer Edition utilizes one of these two utilities to drive the FileMaker Pro user interface to automate the capturing of layouts via the clipboard from FileMaker Pro.

ExtJS - The dual licensed ExtJS JavaScript library is a rich internet application framework providing a wide variety of dynamic web objects including Data Grid, Tab Panel, Tree Panel, Toolbar, Drag & Drop, Progress Bar and Slider controls. The ExtJS library is freely downloadable and free for use in open source projects and requires licensing for commercial projects.

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